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America's Army: Special Forces (Overmatch) v2.8.3 America's Army: v2.8.3 to v2.8.3.1 patch

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América's Army is the official gaming experience designed to highlight the role of various units within the world's premier land force, the United States Army. Through a series of training exercises and team-based multiplayer force-versus-force missions, players will be introduced to a diverse range of operations that emphasize the Army's core values: loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage. As with real soldiers in the Army, game players are bound by these values, as well as the Laws of Land Warfare and realistic Rules of Engagement (ROE). Players who violate these norms will incur penalties and loss of standing, while those who embrace them will discover that the game offers many rewards for their perseverance, dedication and sense of teamwork.


In the Army, all soldiers must first undergo Basic Combat Training before they can receive duty assignments. The same holds true in America's Army, as all players must complete several training exercises before they can join an online mission. These training exercises will teach players how to navigate through the virtual worlds, as well as familiarize them with the game's many weapons, communication protocols and tactical procedures. As each training mission is completed, players will be prompted to upload their results to the Authentication Server, where they will be permanently recorded. Upon the conclusion of Basic Combat Training, more advanced training missions will become available, such as the Airborne and Advanced Marksmanship Schools. While players will still be able to participate in some online operations, the game's full range of attributes, features and missions will only be available to those who complete these advanced courses. As the game continues to evolve and more aspects of the Army are introduced, additional training missions and subsequent features will be made available.


Before you can play America's Army, you will first need to create a unique player account. Do so by selecting the PERSONNEL JACKET page from the main menu, and then choosing CREATE ACCOUNT. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet, as this option will take you to a web page where you will be provided with further instructions on creating your account. Once your player account has been created and you have received your password, return to the PERSONNEL JACKET page, enter your information and then click LOG-IN. After you have logged in, you may begin training your character.


Once your training is complete, it is time to go online and participate in the various missions and exercises offered by the game. To play online, follow these simple steps: 1) Be sure you are logged in with a qualified account. 2) Check the NEWS section for any available game updates. If an update is available, the SUPPORT section of the menu offers a number of official download sites. 3) Click the DEPLOYMENT button and make sure that you are on the FIND SERVER page. Click the REFRESH LIST button at the bottom of the screen to update the server browser with a current list of available game servers. 4) Select the server you wish to join and then either double- click on it in the server list, or select the JOIN button in the lower portion of the screen.


The following is a list of common rules and regulations that should be observed while you are connected to the Official game servers. They deal with your user name, general behavior and courtesy, and repercussions that should be expected should you fail to follow these simple guidelines.

- Attacking a team member is a violation of the Rules of Engagement (ROE). If you injure another player you will incur negative ROE points. Most servers have a limit to the amount of ROE that is allowed. If you exceed that limit you will be removed from the server and sent to Leavenworth. To continue the game, you will have to return to the server browser and redeploy your character.

- All Players have an HONOR score, which is reflected next to your playername on the scoreboard. Everyone starts out with an HONOR of 10. Earning points will cause this number to slowly rise over time. Losing points will cause the number to go down. Since most servers require a minimum of 9 HONOR to join, be careful when you play. If your HONOR drops below the minimum, you will have to play on a 'retraining' server to bring your HONOR back up.

- Using flash or smoke grenades to disorient teammates is not allowed and can result in the player being removed from the server. The same goes for spamming chat or voice commands, as well as standing in passageways to purposely block teammates.

- Bear in mind the following character restrictions in the login name when signing up for America's Army: \ / : * ? " < > | are NOT valid. Using any of these characters will result in your game not authenticating or saving correctly; in other words, you won't be able to complete the training missions or play online. A name involving excessively explicit or vulgar language may be warned and can lead to removal.

- Any and all threats against the server, including attempts to hack, crash, or flood a server, actual or implied, are grounds for instant removal and can result in legal action. - Derogatory language or slander involving race, gender, sexual preference, religion or creed, including negative use of otherwise harmless words will not be tolerated and will be grounds for immediate removal, with or without warning.

- Excessively harassing other players is not permitted on Official servers. A little healthy competitive trash- talking is tolerable; however excessive comments directed at specific players will be grounds for warning and/or removal.

- Impersonation of Server Admins, Development team members, or other members of the Army staff or other fraudulent use of an identification tag is grounds for immediate removal from the servers . This includes close spellings intended to deceive other players in the servers.


A story about Honor... and Proud.



The end of the 14th century in Europe was a time of revolution and crisis, with the Hundred Years' War devastating France, the Black Death decimating the continent, and famine afflicting the poor. Portugal was no exception. In 1383, King Ferdinand I of Portugal died with no son to inherit the crown. The only child of his marriage with Leonor Telles de Menezes was a girl, Princess Beatrice of Portugal, married to John I, king of Castile. The Portuguese nobility was unwilling to support the claim of the princess because that would mean the incorporation of Portugal in Castile (see note 2). Without an undisputed option, Portugal remained without king between 1383 and 1385, in an interregnum known as the 1383–1385 Crisis. On April 6, 1385, the council of the kingdom (cortes in Portuguese) summoned in Coimbra and declared king John, Master of Aviz (bastard son of Peter I of Portugal). However, the Castilian king would not relinquish his wife's claim to the throne and invaded Portugal in June, with an important French cavalry detachment and a great part of the Portuguese nobility under his command.

Portuguese dispositions

After his accession to the throne, John I of Portugal proceeded to conquer the cities that supported Princess Beatrice and her husband's claims, namely Caminha, Braga and Guimarães among others. On the news of the invasion by the Castilians, John of Portugal's army met with Nuno Álvares Pereira (the Portuguese field marshal) in the town of Tomar. There, they decided to face the enemy in battle, before they could get close to Lisbon, capital of the kingdom.

Along with its English allies, which consisted of a company of English bowmen sent to honor the alliance between the kingdoms in the form of the marriage between John of Portugal and his Lancastrian queen, the Portuguese army set out to intercept the invading army near the town of Leiria. Nuno Álvares Pereira took the task of choosing the ground for the battle. The chosen location was São Jorge near Aljubarrota, in a small flattened hill surrounded by creeks, with a very small settlement at its widest point, still present today. At around 10 o'clock in the morning of August 14, the army took its position at the north side of this hill, facing the road where the enemy would soon appear. As in other defensive battles of the 14th century (Crécy, for example, or Poitiers), the dispositions were the following: dismounted cavalry and infantry in the centre with archers occupying the flanks, and notably a company of young nobles who left their studies at the university city of Coimbra and were remembered to history as The Flank of Lovers, invoking notions of chivalric brotherhood and honor. On either side, the army was protected by natural obstacles (in this case, creeks and steep slopes). In the rear, reinforcements were at hand, commanded by John of Portugal himself. In this topographically high position, the Portuguese could observe the enemy's arrival and were protected by a steep slope in their front. The rear of the Portuguese position, which was in fact its front in the final battle, was at the top of a narrow slope, which came up to a small village, and was further constricted by a complex series of interlocking trenches which were designed to surprise and trap cavalry. This trenching tactic was developed around this time and used extensively by both the English in France and the Portuguese in the rare set-piece battles of the Crisis of the Succession.

Castile arrives

The Castilian vanguard arrived at lunch time from the north. Seeing the strongly defensive position occupied by the Portuguese, John of Castile made the wise decision to avoid combat on John of Portugal's terms. Slowly, due to the numbers of his army (about 30,000 men), the Castilian army started to contour the hill where the Portuguese were located. John of Castile's scouts had noticed that the South side of the hill had a gentler slope and it was there that the Castilian king wanted to attack.

In response of this movement, the Portuguese army inverted its dispositions and headed to the South slope of the hill. Since they were fewer than the enemy and had less ground to cover, they attained their final position very early in the afternoon. To calm the soldiers' nervousness and to improve his army's defensive position, general Nuno Álvares Pereira ordered the construction of a system of ditches, pitches and caltrops.

Around six o'clock in the afternoon the Castilian army was ready for battle. According to John of Castile's own words, in his report of the battle, his soldiers were by then very tired from the march that started early in the morning under a blazing August sun. There was no time to halt now, and the battle would soon begin.

The Battle

Batalha de Aljubarrota
Crise de 1383-1385

Data 14 de Agosto, 1385
Local perto de Aljubarrota,
Resultado Vitória decisiva de Portugal
Portugal Castela
João I de Portugal Juan I de Castela
6 500 homens, dos quais 800 besteiros e 4000 peões 31 000 homens

The initiative of starting the battle was on the Castilian side. The French allied cavalry charged, as they were accustomed to do: in full strength, in order to disrupt order in enemy lines. Even before they could get in contact with the Portuguese infantry, however, they were already disorganized. Just like at Crécy, the defending archers along with the ditches and pits did most of the work. The losses on the cavalry were heavy and the effect of its attack completely null. Support from the Castilian rear was late to come and the knights that did not perish in the combat were made prisoners and sent to the Portuguese rear.

At this point the main Castilian force entered the battle. Their line was enormous, due to the great number of soldiers. In order to get to the Portuguese line, the Castilians had to disorganize themselves, to squeeze in the space between the two creeks that protected the flanks. It was not an auspicious start. At this time, the Portuguese reorganized. The vanguard of Nuno Álvares Pereira divided into two sectors. Since the worst was still to come, John of Portugal ordered the retreat of the archers and the advance of his rear troops, through the space opened between the vanguards. With all troops needed at the front, there were no men available to guard the knight prisoners. John of Portugal ordered them to be killed on the spot and proceeded to deal with the approaching Castilians.

Squashed between the Portuguese flanks and advanced rear, the Castilians did their best to win the day. At this stage of the battle, both sides sustained heavy losses, especially on the Castilian and Portuguese left wing, known in Portuguese tradition as the Ala dos Namorados, meaning somethink like Flank of Sweethearts, as it was composed by two hundred young and yet unmarried men; the Portuguese right flank, also two hundred strong, is known as Ala de Madressilva or Honeysuckle Flank). By sunset the Castilian position was indefensible and the situation quite desperate. John of Castile ordered retreat and the remaining Castilian soldiers started to flee. Portuguese pursued them and, with the battle won, killed many more.

According to Portuguese tradition surrounding the battle, there was a woman called Brites de Almeida, the Padeira of Aljubarrota (the baker-woman of Aljubarrota), said to be very tall, strong, and to possess six fingers on each hand, who ambushed and killed by herself eight Castilian soldiers as they stormed her bakery in the town of Aljubarrota itself. This story in particular is clouded in legend and hearsay. But the popular intervention in the massacre of Castilian troops after the battle is, nevertheless, historical and typical of battles between nations in this period, as in the Hundred Years' War.


The Monastery of Batalha.

In the morning of the following day, the true dimension of the battle was revealed: in the field, the bodies of Castilians were enough to dam the creeks surrounding the small hill. John of Castile himself had to run at full speed to save his life. Behind him he was leaving not only common soldiers but also many noblemen, causing official mourning in Castile that would last until the Christmas of 1387. The French cavalry contingent suffered yet another defeat (after Crecy and Poitiers). The Battle of Agincourt decades later would show that they still had a lesson to learn.

With this victory, John of Aviz was the uncontested King of Portugal. Independence was assured and a new dynasty, the House of Aviz, started. Scattered border skirmishes with Castilian troops would persist until the death of John of Castile in 1390, but posed no real threat to the Portuguese crown. To celebrate his victory and acknowledge divine help, John of Portugal ordered the construction of the Monastery of Santa Maria of Victory (commonly known as Monastery of Batalha), and the founding of the town of Batalha (battle in Portuguese). The king, his wife Philippa of Lancaster, and several of his sons are buried in this Monastery, an important part of Portuguese heritage.


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